The other day my brother told me I was like a crazy cat lady but for dogs and I'm sure that once you've finished reading this post you'll agree with him.

I always get the dogs in the family a little something for Christmas so they don't feel left out when we are all opening our presents but this year I decided to buy a few more bits and fill a stocking for Max. It's really exciting because of the amount of things that you can actually buy for dogs at Christmas, you don't really get that in Spain.

So I popped into my favorite pet shop, Pets At Home, to pick up a few bits for Max. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of things they had to choose from.

May I add that the things in packages were pretty difficult to photograph but I didn't want to take them out the packaging because, well, they're presents. 
So I picked up some Christmas themed treats and biscuits, a little snow man, a Santa and a Christmas tree treat. I'm sure Max won't actually noticed they are Christmassy but I thought they were sweet and they were on offer. I have to say, I didn't think that they were over priced. In a lot of shops I noticed that anything Christmas related was like two pounds more expensive than every thing else, but some of the stuff in Pets at Home was okay. 
Christmas themed I also picked up a toy reindeer, because I know how much Max likes his teddies, and a Christmas ball, which I don't think will last long because Max usually destroys balls.
The reindeer teddy was £5 and the ball was £1, so that's not bad. At the end of the day, they are Christmas themed so they will look a bit out of place after Christmas. 

Then to just finish off his stocking I picked up some of his favorites which were also on offer. They aren't Christmas themed but I thought that Max would appreciate these big chunky bones more than little Christmas biscuits. I think a lot of the Christmas stuff is aimed mainly at smaller dogs, which is kind of annoying but I bought him a Santa hat anyway, he hates it

I also bought wrapping paper with paws on it and wrapped the presents up because I am the crazy dog lady. I cut holes in the packs and the wrapping paper so Max could smell them and get excited even though he won't actually open them because he's too good and won't rip them open.

So don't forget your dog (or any pet) this Christmas, get him a little treat too.

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