First of all, can I say that I am so proud of myself for actually being able to come up with twelve questions. When I put out the poll on Twitter asking if I should find a tag or create one, I hadn't really thought it through and when the "create one" option was getting all the votes that's when I realized that it probably wasn't a smart move. BUT I did it and I have twelve questions, so here we go.

The rules of this tag is to answer the twelve questions (obviously otherwise what's the point) and tag four more bloggers to do it. Now I could of been really smart and said tag twelve bloggers to do it, but I don't know that many bloggers that would do it so I had to compromise. Also, don't forget to mention the person who tagged you in it so people can check theirs out to.

I'd like to thank me for tagging me in it, I'm sure it's going to be really fun.

#1 - What is your favorite Christmas advert this year?

I have to say, I absolutely love Kevin the carrot from Aldi's Christmas advert. They have made him sweet and funny, he is just adorable. Who would of thought a carrot could be that popular? I managed to get my hands on a teddy of him too and it was three pounds, which goes to charity. I love the puns and the stories behind them and the video of him waiting for the John Lewis advert, it's just all done so well.

#2 - When do you put your decorations up?

We usually put the decorations up at the beginning of December, but this year I was eager to get the tree up because I needed to prepare blogmas posts meaning I needed the Christmas tree in the background. Everyone judged me for putting it up mid November but I tried to explain it was for my blog photos and just got weird looks so I learnt to live with the judgment. Hard life.

#3 - Do you have a real tree or a fake one?

As much as I really wanted to get a fake one, they are just so expensive. This year I am on a budget so I just opted for a cheap fake one from Tesco and to be honest, I am really happy with it. Maybe next year I'll get a real one.

#4 - What's your favorite Christmas treat?

Devils on Horseback.This isn't really the kind of treat I thought of when I came up with the question, but it's a different day and I'm feeling a different kind of hungry.

#5 - What film is a must for Christmas time?

To be honest I don't really have a Christmas film that I love and have to watch every year. It depends what mood I am in but Santa Claus is a good place to start. This year I'm really enjoying watching all the cheesy Christmas films on Netflix, I keep telling myself that it's research for a post but who am I kidding?

#6 - Do you have a Christmas playlist on your phone?

I do this year. I usually just buy Christmas cd's because it's easier and I just find having cd's more fun, but this year I decided to create a playlist for my car. I will probably be sharing that with you guys at one point so keep an eye out.

#7 - What's your favorite Christmas song?

I don't really have a favorite but I really like "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" by Wizzard. I like cheery songs, up beat ones.

#8 - When do you start your Christmas shopping?

I usually leave it until like a week before Christmas because that's how I roll, but this year I have nearly finished already because I started mid November. I find that it doesn't hurt your bank as much when you start before because you can spread the cost out instead of having to do it all at once.

#9 - Do you enjoy wrapping presents or is it a dreaded task?

I enjoy wrapping up to a certain point and then after that I am done with it and can't wait to finish. I usually end up wrapping the presents my brother has bought too because he hates it and I enjoy it, but then I regret it half way through.

#10 - What kind of Christmas decorations do you usually go for?

I love warm colored decorations, the traditional ones. Red is my favorite color anyway so come Christmas time I definitely have to have red decorations in the mix, I can't have just silver or gold. They look too cold for my liking. Don't get me wrong, some people's look amazing but they're not what I go for.

#11 - Do you do stockings?

We do but they are usually full of chocolate and cheap gifts that are meant as a joke and probably won't make it past Christmas day. It's fun and gives us loads of crap to eat.

#12 - What's your favorite thing about Christmas?

The decorations on the houses, the warmth in the houses, people coming together and celebrating it, most of all spending Christmas day with my family having a nice meal and just enjoy ourselves.

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