In the cold weather all you want is a warm and cozy home, somewhere to feel safe and happy whilst you watch it rain outside. With Christmas approaching, what better way to feel lovely and cozy than to get your Christmas candles burning. Make your home smell like Christmas, it's amazing. 
I love a good Yankee candle, they are so good and never let you down when it comes to giving off a good smell.

So when I was in Tesco the other day, I couldn't resist picking up a pack of three Christmas candles. I'm pretty sure it's a present pack, but for £4, it's a present to myself. It comes with three different candles; Santa's Treat, Sparkling Cinnamon Spice and Fresh Balsam Fir. 

My favorite is Santa's Treat because it has a lovely sweet and warm smell to it. They burn for some time and give a lovely soft smell throughout your home. It's nice because it's not an overpowering smell that wax burners can sometimes have. 

I have been keeping the house smelling lovely and Christmassy, especially with all the candles I've been getting out of my Yankee Candle advent calendar which, if you want to know what I have been getting, I have been sharing on my Instagram so go check them out. 

They also had a pack of 5 for £8 but I decided to go for the smaller pack. I might go back and get the Candy Forest one though because it smelt amazing. 

Let me know what Christmas candles you have been enjoying in the comments and if you're doing blogmas too, leave a link as I'd love to check it out. 

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  1. Firstly I just want to say that I adore your header and the snow! Omg it's so cute, I wish I had done something Christmassy to my theme!!
    I've seen these little sets in Tesco's and I wish I had picked a couple up for gifts now.. and one for myself hehe!!
    Love, Maisie x

    1. Aww thanks! It'll be sad to take it all down once Christmas is over :( x


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