I don't know about you guys but I personally can't afford to go out and spend a fortune on a tree and all it's decorations. After writing up my list of presents for everyone, I just don't have the money to spare. Besides, I don't see the point of spending £60 on a tree that goes up once a year or, if it's a real one, you have to repurchase every year. I mean, if you can afford it then fair enough.
This year is our first year back in England in our own house, meaning all our Christmas decorations are in Spain. Helpful huh? All the lovely decorations my mum has managed to collect over the years are all packed up in a box in Spain, so we kind of had to go get new ones.
After searching everywhere for a tree that wasn't going to cost more than my life drama queen, I found some really good ones in Tesco. They also sell a kind of like starter box of Christmas decorations for only £12 which isn't bad if you're starting from scratch.

The tree is a 6.5FT Slim green tree, which cost £15. At first I wasn't too sure about it as I'd never had a slim tree before but it is a perfect fit for our front room. It was easy to put up but is a bit wobbly, meaning every time Max (our dog) walks past it, he turns it around and knocks bits of the tree off. He also gets covered it glitter because the decorations have glitter on them. It's funny really because it's not like he has no room to walk round it, he just chooses to walk into it... Almost like he can't see the 6'5ft tree standing there, against the wall might I add. At least we don't have a cat to climb it.

(The star for the top of the tree)

Anyway, back to the actual post, I didn't find that I needed to use all of the decorations in the box as it would of made the tree look a bit too busy. So I still have a few bits that aren't on the tree. I also found that the tinsel and the beads weren't really long enough to go on the tree and you only get one bit of each, so I didn't bother putting them on the tree.

To light up the tree I bought a box of 100 lights for a reduced price of 4.50 . I only bought one pack, I figured that if I needed another one I could just go back for it. When I first put them on the tree I did think that I needed to get another set, but after moving them around a bit I've decided that it looks fine and another set is not needed, it looks okay.

I also bought these cute little candy canes. They don't really go with the rest of the decorations but they're so sweet that I had to pick them up.

I hope this helps you if you're on a budget and haven't got a tree, I know I was happy to find a tree for that price and it not collapse after a day of being up. I did try did get a photo of it but it just wasn't happening, sorry, but here are the links if you want to find them online;

6.5FT Slim Green Christmas Tree - £15 
Decoration Pack - £12
Candy Cane decorations - £1.50

I couldn't find the lights online, they might have been an in store offer only so I'd recommend you pop down to the closest Tesco and see what they have on offer.


  1. I kitted out with Tesco too haha! I got the 6ft evergreen tree which was only £15 down from £20! I also got the candy canes even though all my other decorations are silvery and white but you're right they were too cute to pass up! I wish I had bought more strings of lights whilst they were on offer! I got two sets but I'm going to have to go back and get some more hehe! That decorations box is a really good idea!
    Love, Maisie x

    1. Tesco have some great Christmas stuff and at a great price too. I'm glad I'm not the only one that couldn't resist the candy canes haha. x


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