I wasn't going to do a post on my Yankee Candle advent calendar, as I didn't see the point of it because you probably all have advent calendars already because we are half way through December. My plan was just to share it with you guys on my Snapchat each day, which I quickly grew bored of because it is really repetitive. But I was a bit let down by it so I thought I'd share it for future reference. I also kind of expected the name of each candle to be written on the inside of the doors so you could purchase it if you really liked it. I mean, it would make sense. I couldn't find the name of each candle anywhere, unless it's on the bottom of the box which I haven't checked as I don't want to move the box round too much. This brings me to my next issue with their calendar, most of the candles have fallen out their slots and are rolling around at the bottom.

If I had dropped it or shaken it at some point, then fair enough, but I haven't. I was pretty let down by this as you don't really want to open a door to an empty place, do you?
I was excited to get a different type of advent calendar and find new scents for our home, and so far it's not going great. I have come across few new scents and I don't even know the name of them so I can go buy them. I must admit though, that considering they are just tea candles, they do burn for a good few hours so you do have a candle for every evening.

My final thoughts are that I would much prefer to go out and buy a set of candles for the month than spend £20 on an advent calendar. Maybe I was just unlucky with mine and no one else has experienced this..? Let me know if you have tried their advent calendars and how you got on.

UPDATE: I checked the bottom and it does tell you the scent of each candle, but good lucky figuring out which one is which.

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