Even though I was determined to collect Christmas DVD this year, I have failed miserably due to spending most of my money on presents. However, I thought I'd share with you guys the ones that I was thinking of buying incase you are looking to grow your DVD collection. I know you can watch films on tv and Netflix but it's not the same, don't you think?

I did manage to pick up these three whilst I was out Christmas shopping the other day. I love going in HMV and looking at all the CD's that I want to buy to fill my car up with even though I have no space left for anymore. As I went in, I noticed their collection of Christmas DVD's that were on sale for £10 for two DVD's so I decided to pick a couple up. It was hard to choose just two but I went for The Grinch (It came with a Grinch Christmas decoration that I now have hanging in my car) and The Gremlins Collection, which I didn't realize was a Christmas film. HMV has got to be the best place to buy DVD's in store, as I find that they always have some sort of offer going. You can check them out here.

If you're more of an online shopper, here as some pretty good deals that I have managed to find on Amazon. I added about ten DVD's to my trolley then decided that I didn't need that many and closed it, go me.

The Santa Clause Movie Collection - £6.99

Deck The Halls - £2.99

Miracle On 34th Street - £2.99

The Muppet Christmas Carol - £5.00

Home Alone/ Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Double pack - £5.99

Krampus - £5.00

If you are more of a Netflix person, then keep an eye out because I have a post coming up with some recommendations on Netflix Christmas films.

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