I never usually bother with my nails, they're usually black, chipped or not painted at all and most of the time I just keep layering them up instead of taking them off before putting a new layer on... Terrible, I know. My mum ,on the other hand, always has her nails done and goes through the effort of actually buying nail polishes for different occasions. So I thought I'd share with you guys the ones she's picked up and that I may or may not have stolen to do my nails for my work do the other day.

I painted my nails red and put glitter over the top, pretty basic. My mum painted her nails with the Barry M one and painted the tips of her nails with the Avon Color Trend glitter. Kind of like a glitter french manicure, it looks really nice and festive. I'd like to add that the glitter is so hard to get off so ,again, I just painted over the top of it and decided I'd deal with it later.

Here we have a selection of Avon, O.P.I and Barry M nail polishes, but mainly Avon. Avon have a really nice selection of festive nail polishes. You definetly have to go for a glittery one at Christmas time, even if it is a pain to get off after. 
I did try to find each nail polish on Avon's website but couldn't as they often change their stock. So I thought I'd just link you to their nails section so you can see what they have in stock but here's the names of the ones my mum has that I have been using,

Avon Gel Finish Red (This one is actually mine)
Avon Magic Effects Mineral Crush 
Avon Color Trend Fashion Nail Enamel Silver

As for the rest,

BarryM Nail Paint Ruby Slippers
O.P.I Nail Lacquer Met On The Internet

I have to admit that nail polishes are not something that I bother with often, I would like to though. So if you have any recommendations on what ones you think I should try, let me know in the comments.

Good luck with your festive nails.

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