BLOGMAS DAY 1 || Support a Charity This Christmas

I never really got to do Christmas cards in Spain as they aren't really a big thing there, at least they weren't in the town I lived in. So this year I decided to do Christmas cards when I discovered charity Christmas cards in Pets at Home.

Now I'm sure there's loads of different ways to support a charity, especially over Christmas but I thought, seen as I was thinking about sending out cards what a great way to support an adoption charity in the process. Over Christmas time, a lot of animals get gifted and then after Christmas time, a lot of animals end up homeless because people don't realize that a pet is not just for Christmas. Having helped adoption centers in Spain ( That's for another post) and seen the amount of animals that need help, I understand that adoption charities need all the help they can get ( like many other charities of course).

So I thought I'd share with you guys a few things that I recently picked up from Pets at Home, 10% of the proceeds from these items go to Support Adoption For Pets. Which isn't much but it's more than nothing.

Each card reads "Wishing you a very merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year" inside and on the back there's a little story of one of the many pets that they have found a new home for.

"Pets at Home are proud to work with the Support Adoption For Pets charity whose aim is to give abandoned and homeless pets a second chance of happiness. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these cards will help Support Adoption For Pets continue their amazing work." 

Of course there are many ways to support different charities all year round but I figured, if I'm buying Christmas cards anyway it's better that some of it goes to charity.  

You can visit their website here and find out other ways to get involved. Also here are some other charities that I have found that are also selling Christmas cards this year, if you do know of anymore be sure to link them down in the comments so that people can find them too.

Multiple Sclerosis Trust 
Cards For Good Causes ( 250 charities across the UK)
Cancer Research UK
Charity Christmas Cards (Over 250 charities)

These are just a few of the many charities that I found, I hope that you find the Christmas card (and other items) you are looking for with them. 

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