Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

I had never tried anything from Kat Von D's line but I've always loved the aesthetic of it. I mean, have you seen the studded lipsticks? They are next on my list. 
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the Kat Von D stand at my local Debenhams and I didn't want to risk buying the wrong tone of foundation online. So I waited until I was in London with my brother and dragged him to the Debenhams on Oxford Street to treat myself to the foundation. 

The stand was pretty busy but an assistant came over and helped me pick the right tone for my skin, it was a fast process. 

Kat Von D 'Lock It' Foundation

Find it here

I was happy with the tone that I had been matched with as it didn't have the slight orangeness to it like the Urban Decay one did. I am really pale and usually use an ivory tone, but I don't think they have ivory in this collection and the one I was matched with was the Light 44 Cool one. 

You only need a small amount for great coverage and, once it sets, you are left with matte skin that lasts all day with a little bit of help from the right powder.

As it is a heavy foundation (Not as heavy as the Urban Decay one though), sometimes I go back to my Benefit foundation as it is much lighter but also doesn't have the same coverage, this one is rather thick providing better coverage and the Benefit one isn't. So when my skin is needing that extra bit of coverage, this is definitely the one I reach for in the mornings. It doesn't feel oily or blot throughout the day, making it a good foundation for work. 

What have you tried for Kat Von D's line? Let me know in the comments.