BlanX White Shock Formula

I had been looking around for a whitening treatment that wouldn't be too aggressive and weaken my teeth, but would actually work. So when I was stood it the shop ( I can't remember where I was) trying to choose between this one and a Colgate one, my brother suggested that I try this one and then I can review it on my blog. Well done bro, good idea. 

BlanX White Shock Formula

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This product consists of a tooth paste, a little blue light thing, technical terms there for you, and a strip to compare the whiteness of your teeth. Basically it's a tooth paste with a LED light that whitens your teeth. The light doesn't have to be in your mouth long after brushing your teeth, so it's not something that requires loads of time, only a minute. Which is handy because I always convince myself that I can get ready for work in less time than what I actually can just so I get ten more minutes in bed every morning worth it though

Although I did see progress and my teeth were beginning to whiten up, I didn't feel like the paste was doing much cleaning and my sensitivity was getting worse. I have really sensitive teeth so I use tooth paste and mouth wash for sensitive teeth, but I had replaced my usual tooth paste for this one and noticed the difference. 

I started switching between the two so I could keep using the whitening treatment and then got lazy and gave up, meaning not much progress has been made. 
The product is good at doing what it says it does, but I did't feel like it actually gave my teeth the clean they needed. So it would be a case of having to brush your teeth twice all the time and I'm not sure if that would do your teeth any good either, so for now I am sticking to my usual whitening, sensitive tooth paste. 

Have you tried any good teeth whitening products that won't damage your teeth? Let me know in the comments.