Clean & Clear Morning Energy

Energy is something that we all need in the morning and although this facial scrub may not give you actual energy it does give your skin the boost it needs in the mornings.

I picked this up from Sainsbury's as it was on offer and I am always up for trying new products. I am a terrible blogger, therefor I don't actually remember how much it cost me but you can get it in Boots for £4.30. 

Clean & Clear - Morning Energy, skin brightening daily facial scrub

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This daily facial scrub is full of bursting beads that provide a gentle exfoliation for your skin each morning. My skin is rather delicate when it comes to exfoliating and if I use anything too harsh it really drys it out. I didn't find that with this product, it really does just provide a lovely gentle exfoliation each morning, refreshing your skin and brightening it up ready for the day ahead of you. Plus, it smells AMAZING. It contains lemon and papaya extracts, so it has a lovely citrus fragrance that is said to awaken your senses in the morning. 

Have you tried Clean & Clears products? If so, let me know in the comments how it went for you.