First Impressions || Liquid Lipsticks

A couple of weeks ago, my amazing colleague/friend gave me some liquid lipsticks to try out because we were talking about how easy lipstick is smudged and she thought I should give these a go.

I had never tried a liquid lipstick before these, I had thought about it but I am a fan of the usual lipstick and for some reason I thought they were similar to a lips gloss and I'm not a fan of lip glosses. I couldn't have been more wrong, they are nothing like a lip gloss.

The first one I tried was the MUA Luxe one. My first impression was that it was easy to apply and adds a certain type of volume to your lips. It quickly dried into a Matte lipstick and looked great. However, a few hours later, I felt my lips drying out and when I looked in the mirror the lipstick was cracking slightly. When I say a few hours, I mean like four hours later. I decided to reapply it in the hopes of saving it, but it just made it worse.

The next day I tried one of the Bourjois ones. I decided to try the red first, seen as my usual lipstick is red most of the time and I did like the color. Rosie told me that it looked pinky but that it looked good, so that's a positive. I found that this one did dry out a bit faster than the other one but didn't crack as fast. I did crack though and it is hard to reapply more over the top. I think the best thing I found is that it didn't budge all day.

My final thought on liquid lipsticks is that they are great for a couple of hours and they stay put, so I'd definitely wear them out for dinner or for drinks but wearing them to work is a different story. They crack and dry out my lips making me look like I'm dehydrated by the end of the day. I would 100% pick some more up if I cam across a color that I really like because, like I said, they don't smudge as easy as your normal lipstick.