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When it comes to payday I always convince myself that I deserve a little shop on Boohoo because their clothes are amazing and such a good price. So the other day I decided to treat myself to a few new bits which, in the end, added up to an entire new outfit. Being a blogger I decided that I could allow myself to do it because it would be great content too. Who doesn't use that excuse when they are shopping?

I really wanted some nice new skirts but I am really fussy when it comes to skirts and dresses because I don't like short skirts. I don't feel comfortable in them and end up spending the day worrying about it sliding up. So when I spotted this high waist denim skirt I was really excited to get it and try it on. It's a great length, not too short and not too long and fits perfectly. I've found my new favorite piece of clothing.
The one thing that puts me off wearing skirts and dresses at this time of the year is the cold. I am always cold and tend to wear way too many layers but I found myself some really lovely and thick thermal tights to go along with the skirt. They are so soft on the inside too, I might go and buy five pairs and wear them under my trousers too.

In Boohoo's sale section I managed to find this double buckled chain belt for only £4. I thought this belt would be perfect for a plain dress to add a bit of style to it and it also went really well over the long cardigan that I also picked up from Boohoo. I love the chains down the side and it kind of makes me feel like a pirate. Highlight of my day.

Last but not least I picked up a turtle neck jumper that is a must have item for the cold weather. It goes great with any skirt or pair of trousers and is lovely and warm. I also found that the neck wasn't too high or tight which I find that some of them are and make me feel like I'm being choked all day and I hate it.

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  1. Loving your skirt girly ! They have such an amazing 90's vibe to them! Also .. I love your blog layout!


    1. Thank you! They do, I hadn't noticed that before. Thank you :) xx


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