Nails by Avon

About two years ago I used to sell Avon products, I'd like to say that I earned money from it but I didn't because more of the time I spent more money than what I was earning. So I have a few Avon products and a few favorites. One of my favorites is their nail polishes. 

The Gel Finish nail polish is pretty amazing and a great alternative to the actual gel nails. I had my nails done with the real gel stuff a few months ago and it completely destroyed my nails... It made them weak and I couldn't get it off properly so I decided that I wouldn't be doing that again. This red nail polish was actually given to me as a Christmas present and it was my Christmas nail color for last year. The main thing I like about this one is that it drys really fast and I don't get it everywhere, cause I can't stay still longer enough for them to dry. 

This second one I got from the Avon £8 bargain bag. It's a metallic color, I probably wouldn't of picked this one out on my own but I'm glad I got it in the bag because it's a really nice color. It's a great alternative for black, if you want that darker look but not a black. This one doesn't stay on as long as the gel one but I think it's worth it just for the color. I also find that it drys fast but I still managed to get this on the carpet. Yes, it's like having a four year old in the house. I also managed to get it out of the carpet, a four year old couldn't do that could it? AHA! Didn't think so. 

I'm not really a massive nail polish collector, I have a few and then I nick my Mums when I'm not happy with the colors I've got, but most of nail polishes have always been Avon. I think they are great for what you pay for them and they don't stain your nails, which is a problem I have had with cheap nail polishes in the past. 

Have you tried Avon's nail polishes or do you recommend any? Let me know in the comments. 

I am now an Avon representative! So feel free to check out my online store and get it delivered straight to your door.