Autumnal Lips

Autumn is here so it's time to get your darker lipsticks out, if you even bothered putting them away. I am a massive fan of a bold lip color and I usually go for a red, but I love a darker look too. I thought I'd share with you guys a few of the darker lipsticks I mainly use, I wear them all year round but they seem to be more of an autumn thing (hence the name of the post). 

Rimmel Lasting Finish 120 Cutting Edge

This was one of the first dark colors I bought. Although I love this lipstick, I find that it smudges way too easy for someone like me who can help but touch her lips accidentally at some point during the day. So I usually end up looking like an autumnal Joker. I do love the smell of this lipstick, I don't know why but this line of lipsticks smells great to me. 

Sleek True Color 788 Mulberry

I posted a look featuring this lipstick a few months ago so head on over and look at that if you want. This one I am really happy with. It's a great lipstick if you're on a budget! I find that it does need a few layers for it to look nice but apart from that, I have no other complaints. It stays in place but does need reapplying throughout the day. It's a bit darker than the last one too. 

L'Oreal Color Riche 364 Place Vendome

Last but not least is a red, I had to add a red to the list. It's a bit darker than my other reds, so I figured it could be classed as an autumnal lipstick. This lipstick has got to be the best one if you have dry lips, I find that it really helps that and helps keep your lips nice and soft all day. This one is easy to apply and I don't find myself having to apply it during the day but I do anyway because I just can't help it. So if you want a nice red for autumn, this is the one you should be looking for.

So there are some of my autumnal lipsticks, if you have any that you recommend or you have written a post about, let me know in the comments!