Sunday Skin Care

Lately my skin has been really bad, I think it might have something to do with my foundation but I'm not sure. So I decided to pamper my skin and give it a deep cleanse in the hopes of it clearing up a bit and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

I'd been sent a few products to test out so I thought I'd give them a go and see how I got on.

Vatika Dermoviva Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash*

The first product I used was by Vatika. This face wash combines 3 herbal ingredients that help cleanse and purify your skin; Tea tree, grape seed and green lime.  The tea tree has antibacterial properties and helps prevent future breakouts, the grape seed is full of anti-oxidants for skin rejuvenation and the green lime soaks up excess oil. A great mix of ingredients and just what my skin needs. I was happy with the results of this soap, it left my skin feeling clean and fresh ready for the next step. 

Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish*

For the second step I used this face polish by Exuviance. This product contains pure professional grade crystals that give it a sandy texture making it an amazing exfoliate that helps dissolve impurities and basically get rid of all that nasty stuff that sits on our skin, like dead skin cells. With this one you have to apply it to wet skin, lightly massage in and then leave for two minutes before rinsing off. 

Exuviance Purifying Clay Masque*

Third step, a clay masque. This cooling, detoxifying clay masque is designed to remove impurities from the pores and invigorate the skin. It's made with a mix of antioxidant acids to moisturize and vitamins to provide additional antioxidant protection and skin conditioning. It has a very thick texture so a lot of product is needed for full coverage. Leave for 5-10 minutes then wash off with warm water. 

Pilaten Black Mask & Clearskin Blemish Clearing Mask

These two peel off masks are for two different things, the Pilaten one is to draw out all the bad stuff from your pores and the Clearskin one is a blemish clearing mask. I use the Pilaten one over my nose and on my chin. The Clearskin one I apply to my blemishes. I leave these on until they are both dry and then slowly peel them off being careful not to damage my skin in the process. I used the Vatika tea tree soap to wash them off properly and then moved on to the final step.

Nivea Oil Free Moisturizing Cream

I picked this up in the hopes of finally finding a moisturizer that I could wear under my make up with out my skin shinning and being a pain. I haven't used it under make up yet, this is the first time I've used it and I am happy with it! My skin doesn't feel oily and it absorbed pretty quick. Hopefully I've found the one, but I'll keep you updated on it. 

I do try and give my skin a deep cleanse every weekend but not every weekend goes to plan... Most of these products are to be used two to three times a week and I always say that I'm going to but then I never do it because I'm a terrible person.

What products do you use to give your skin a good clean? Let me know in the comments! 

* This products were sent to me to review. 

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