Leg Pain Relief

I don' know about you guys, but for me poor circulation in my legs is a thing. It kind of runs in the family I believe and it sucks. I work as a receptionist so I spend all day sitting at my desk and some days it causes me a lot of pain. I have a few ways of relieving a bit of the pain and I thought I would share them, hopefully it helps you out a bit. 
Now I am aware that I should really go to a doctors but I haven't got round to it yet and this is how I am coping with it. 

I always find that the fastest and best way to relieve some of the pain and pressure in my legs is to lay down and put my legs up against the wall. I can instantly feel the difference, it is soooo satisfying. I do find that I have to stay like this for a while for it to actually last though. If I only do it for 5 minutes, the pain in my legs comes back straight away and it's pointless. I use this time as an excuse to scroll though Twitter and not feel guilty for doing nothing. 
Unfortunately this is something I can't do during the day whilst I am at work. So I found myself sitting at my desk in pain, fidgeting around and massaging my legs in the hopes of a bit of relief. I started using the stairs to get my legs moving but sometimes it makes it worse. They say that exercise is good for poor circulation but I used to walk to and from work (40 min walk) and I still got really bad pains in my legs. I had been debating buying some travel tights for some time now and when I saw them in Sainsbury's I decided to give them a go. First let me say they are SO fucking tight, it took me so long to get them on without snagging them... I have really long nails, so I usually stick to thick black tights or tights with patterns on to avoid snags or holes. I have to say though, they really did help. My legs felt great, I didn't want to take them off at the end of the day. I will be stocking up on them. 
Another thing that I find helps is cold water. Now I hardly ever do this, only if it's really bad because I'm a wimp. But running some cold water up and down your legs really helps, also if you massage your legs at the same time it will help a lot more. 

Do you have any tips for bad circulation? If so, let me know in the comments!   

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