New country, new lifestyle.

Now, I gave up making New Years resolutions a while ago when I realised that I just kept letting myself down. It's very hard just to wake up one morning and start eating healthy, especially after the Christmas binge that we all fall into. Who can blame us though? 
But next week I am moving back to the UK after living in Spain for more than twelve years. Starting from scratch. So I thought it would be easier for me to start a new routine and a different lifestyle seen as I will be in a different setting. If that makes sense. 
I'm not a really bad eater as it is, if I eat too much crap my body starts begging me for fruit and vegetables. If I have been sat around for a few days, my body starts begging me to get out and get moving (well since I started going to the gym this is). So I don't think it will be extremely hard for me to achieve! I also thought that if I share it on my blog, it makes it kind of official and I have to stick to it.
So here are the lifestyle changes I want to make, 

#1. Drink more water.

I have been able to do this in the past, but then I just kind of stopped. It's not that difficult to do once you get started. To remember and control how much I drink, I usually carry a 2L bottle around the house with me all day. That way I feel better as it goes down and I know how much I've had. The only problem is when I go out... it's next to imposible for me to drink the full 2L when I spend the day out, that means I have to run to the toilet every half hour.

#2. Go running.

In October I signed up for the gym. I went three times a week until Christmas and loved it. But now I am moving back to England and leaving my gym behind. Moving means I am now jobless, so signing up for the gym is not an option at the moment, so I have decided to start going running again. Not every day, I will never accomplish that. Maybe just two or three times a week.

#3. Eat more fruit.

I think this is going to be the most difficult for me. I find it so hard to go into the kitchen and pick up an apple instead of a chocolate bar. I wouldn't consider my diet unhealthy because I eat a bit of every thing, except fruit. So I would like to get into the habit of walking into the kitchen and eating some grapes instead of crisps.

#4. Spend more time on my studies.

Studying from home is very difficult, I will pick up my book and start doing work but as soon as I get to a part I don't understand, I get stuck and I have no one to help me. But I want to change this when I get to England seen as I will have someone to help me.
I also get very distracted with my blog and social media, I need to learn to put it aside for a while!

#5. Up my blogging game.

Even though I have just said I need to put it aside for a while, I only mean for a while per day. I'm not going to abandon my blog! I love my blog!! 
My blog is slowly growing, I now have my own domain. So I would like to try different kinds of posts and do more of the ones I have enjoyed doing, like the look book. I would also like to join into more blogger chats now I have more time. 

I think these are reasonable changes and I hope that I can keep them up, at the end of the day it will make me feel better. I am very excited to move, it will open up so many new doors for me! I will also get to finally meet some amazing bloggers and go to meet ups. 
Let me know if you have decided to make any lifestyle changes lately and how it's going in the comments. 


  1. Love this! Your blog is great!

  2. Haha, your resolutions sound exactly like mine! :D

    If you're feeling generous, check out my blog and follow if you like :)

    Have a lovely day!

    1. Good luck with your resolutions!!
      Great blog! I can relate to the short post, my brother is a lot taller than me and keeps reminding me! haha xx

  3. Wooooo this is an exciting step! You're going to love it here in the UK. Well done you for being so productive in the face of a challenge. Completely agree with you on the water front! Im super bad a keeping myself hydrated but I started doing a 'water challenge' where I have a set limit to drink everyday - it makes it easier to fall into habit! ️X

  4. Thank you! I am loving it here so far. Ahh sounds like a good idea, good luck xx


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