Day Out: Brighton.

If you follow me on twitter you will know that for a while now I have been wanting to visit Brighton. Me being me, I picked the middle of winter to do so! But, we were lucky seen as it didn't rain and wasn't THAT cold. I mean, it was cold... but not freezing! 

The drive down there from London wasn't as far as I thought it would be. When we first arrived it was a bit dull and windy, the waves were angry. 

As we had brought Max (Our dog) along with us we decided to go onto the beach to let him run. Max loves the beach in Spain and used to run down to the water for a swim, he absolutely loved it. But when he ran down the beach to the water in Brighton he was surprised at the coldness of the water and out in seconds. 

After that, we walked along to the Pier and had a go on Guitar Hero! I also got sucked into putting all my 2ps into the 2p machines in hopes of it pushing out more 2ps, it did at one point... but I put them all back in and lost them. 
By this time the sun had come out and the sky was blue. 

 Also, BEWARE OF THE SEAGULLS!! My Mum was walking along happily eating a donuts and the next thing she knows, a seagull sweeps down out of nowhere and trys to snatch it from her! My Mum screamed and dropped the donuts on the floor. Two seconds later, loads of pigeons fly down and demolish what is left of the donuts while my Mum stands in shock.

This is my favorite photo, 

Next stop, The Lanes. Not gonna lie, it took us awhile before we actually found the lanes. But that was good because we got to see a bit more of Brighton.

Brighton is amazing. Very different. 

We went to The Creperie. I had seen it on someones blog (I can't remember who) and it looked cool, so we gave it a try. 

The food was great, but I couldn't finish mine because it was so sweet!! I recommend this place if you are ever in Brighton! Have any of you ever been?? 

Unfortunatley, by the time we had made it to the huts it was dark and my photos aren't very good. But I did get some nice photos of the Bandstand. 

I really enjoyed my day in Brighton, I hope I get to go back again in summer. Have you guys been? Let me know if there are any places in Brighton you recommend I should visit! 

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  1. hahaha what is the attraction of those 2p machines?! It's so strange but so necessary!! You got some lovely pictures of your day!! xxx

    1. I know right! I guess cause it feels like it's so easy to win.
      Thanks! I took loads and these are my favourites ☺️ X


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