My Love/Hate Relationship With Travelling

Travelling is sometimes challenging, but rewarding. I absolutely hate it, but I also love it.

I love the fact that I will be travelling and going somewhere different, but I hate packing and waiting around in lines to get onto the plane or train. Getting on a train from Madrid to Valencia isn't that bad. You go straight through security, you don't have to put all your liquids in a bag and take off your shoes (I totally understand that this is for our own safety). The train is also on-time always, as soon as you are supposed to be leaving, you actually are!! Which makes it easier to plan things after. 
When flying, you have the horrid security check that takes for ever and makes you feel like you have lost something after (at least it does to me) because you have had to take every thing off and put it back on really quick so you don't get in the way. Then, once you are through security, try and find your gate number with out getting distracted by all the duty free shops that you have to walk THROUGH to get there. I am always early for things, so this means I end up sat waiting for my gate to show up while worrying if they are going to let me on the plane with my bag because they are so strict with the sizes and every one seemed to have tiny bags except me... I was on full panic mode my this point. After all of that worrying, they let me on no problem and I went to find my seat. Once I had got onto the plane and realised how tiny it was, I wasn't looking forward to being sat in the middle. I hadn't been on a plane for a long time, and I had never been on one alone. But once I was sat down and so where the two people next to me, I started to calm down. We took ages to actually get moving, but by this point we weren't on time anyway. 
The best part of flying is when the plane starts gearing up to take off and then shoots down the runway, pushing you back into your seat. Then suddenly you are in the air and floating. I find this rather relaxing. 
Time flew by (Pun intended), I fell asleep and before I knew it we had arrived. Then we sat and waited for half an hour before the plane could actually "park up" because there was already a plane in the spot. 
So I guess what I am trying to say is that I have a love hate relationship with it really. I don't travel much, but there are some parts of the journey that I enjoy and some that I hate. It makes me feel really excited but at the same time really anxious. I want to travel but I also can't be bothered. Love/hate. 
I have learn't that it is so much better just to pay a little extra to get priority boarding and to choose your seat. It makes me feel better to just get on the plane and sit down. If I stand waiting, I over think it WAY to much. 

I always thought I hated flying because it made me so anxious. It turns out that it's not the actual flight that makes me anxious, it's the waiting , the security and not knowing if they will let me on with my bag. The actual flying is nice, especially when you can look out the window, down at the small houses. It's then that you realise how small we actually are. 

This post started out as me telling what I love and hate about travelling, but ended up with me telling you my experience. Oh well! Kind of the same thing. Do you guys enjoy travelling? What's the worst and best experience you've had? Let me know in the comments!! 

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  1. Totally with you on feeling like you've lost something after security! I'm normally like this after checking my bag in, I'm like 'I had a suitcase before, now my hand luggage feels way too light' haha xx


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