Suga Babes Review

A while ago I was contacted by Suga babes to try out two of their products and review them. I was very excited to get to try them out, I had checked out their website and read a bit about them. The products are all home made!! Here is their website if you want to check them out!

My first impression was "THEY SMELL AMAZING". I love giving things a good sniff before I use them, and these smell so good. You can tell they are home made, they look, smell and feel so natural. 

So I ran myself a bath and asked the ladies how I actually had to use the sugar scrub. At the end of my bath I used it, and I was amazed. My skin immediately felt soft and smooth, it smelt amazing and was easy to wash off leaving lovely soft skin behind. 
After I got out and dried off, I used the body lotion. Again, I was over the moon with it! It didn't leave my skin feeling all greasy and horrible like other creams tend too. My skin felt and looked amazing. The best part is that it is all natural and home made. They have loads of other products on their website if you are looking for something different, I recommend you have a look! I would definitely restock on this. The oils in the sugar scrub made my skin feel great. 
Have you tried any of their products before? Let me know in the comments! 

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