Day Out: London

Christmas holidays are coming to an end, all the time with my family has passed and for my last week in England we went sight seeing! In my last post I shared my day (or morning should I say) in Camden, today I am sharing my day (this time it was actually an entire day) in London. 

We were lucky because I thought it was going to rain but we managed to have a nice day around London and it only started raining a bit on our way home. 

We parked up at the closest train station to avoid driving into London. For an all day trip around London the Day Travel Card was great, it cost 12.90£ and it gets you on the public transport around London all day. We got the underground to Baker Street first seen as I really wanted to see Sherlocks house, I wasn't bothered about going in I just wanted to see where it was. 

After, we took a walk down Baker Street towards what I think was Oxford Street and from there we jumped on a bus to Piccadilly Circus. We sat at the top front of the bus to get the views whilst on our way to our next destination, London is amazing! Outside Boots on ,what I think is, Oxford Street there was snow! Fake snow of course, but it made it feel like Christmas all over again.

From here we walk down to Trafalgar Square. There were a few people set up in the Square showing their talents for coins, the person that was getting less attention was , in my opinion, the best one there! He was set up with his guitar playing and singing. I regret not taking a video, he was REALLY good. I really wish I could listen to more of his music!  

We didn't stay here long, I took a few photos and we carried on walking down to Big Ben. I always thought Big Ben would be bigger for some reason, but either way it was pretty amazing.

We were on our way to The Monument in the City of London, so we had a wonder down near the River Thames.

I even met a friendly seagull on the way, he was a bit of a poser too!! 

After looking where The Monument actually is we decided it was a long walk so we got the underground. It was easy to find once we got there because it's huge, a bit hard to miss! 

It's only 4£ to get in, but if you don't really like heights or small spaces I recommend you don't go up. I found it very hard to get to the top, with every step higher I took it felt like it was getting thinner and thinner!But I didn't stop and I tried not to think about it. Once I got to the top I was shaking, partly because I was on the verge of having a panic attack and partly because I had just climbed 311 steps. I calmed down at the top seen as it is all out in the open and the fresh air calmed me. The view was amazing! 

After climbing The Monument we needed to refill our energy levels, I hadn't let my Mum sit down or even get a coffee anywhere since we had got into London, I was a woman with a plan and wanted to get to see The Monument before it got dark. We stopped and refilled, then went off to find the London Bridge. 

By this time it was getting dark, but it just made it even more amazing. 

I had an amazing day in London, there is so much more to see! Getting on the buses was much better than the underground seen as you get to see things, but we couldn't always find a bus to get us to our destination! 

I can't wait to go back and see more, there is so much history in London! Seeing The Monument and where the fire started was pretty cool so I can't wait to see more. 

Have you guys been to London? Any places you recommend I see? Let me know in the comments!!