#1 Look Book

I have been wanting to do a look book type post for a while and it's finally here! 

These are some of the outfits that I have worn over Christmas that I have loved, I hope you guys do too and they maybe inspire you.

#1. Black and white.

This outfit is from TK Maxx. It looks very formal and office like but I wore it out for New Years! 

#2. Red Dress.

- Black coat - Camden Market
-Red Dress - H&M

#3. Plum Skirt.

- Plum skirt - El Corte Ingles

This is a bit of a more casual look in my opinion. Great for a day out. 

#4. Boutique Of Molly Blazer.

- Navy Blue studded Blazer - Boutique Of Molly
- Navy Blue Trousers - Zara

About a month ago Boutique of Molly got in contact with me to ask me if I would like to do an OOTD with their clothes. So I took a look at their site and decided to do it seen as they have some really nice clothes. The only thing I was worried about was sizes seen as it's an online shop, but they were really helpful and made it a lot easier to decide on a size. My blazer arrived really fast and the quality of it is really good too. I will be buying more things from this website soon! 


I really enjoyed doing a look book, so there will be more in the future for sure! Let me know if you liked the outfits and if you recommend any shops! 


  1. great post hun,i love #1 the best,that is my fav but it is closely followed by #3 xx

  2. You are really cute! I am loving these looks! The first one I love the most I think!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Awe Thank you so much! The first one is SO comfortable too :) x

  3. You look pretty ravishing in all of those smashing dresses. Every dress has its own iridescent-hue to be shown with anew array of "trending". You treasure dresses, dresses crowning you the bee of "LOOK-BOOK", dramatically, as well. I love how creatively & fashionably, of course, you worn such beautiful dresses to get your fleecy life swung away... on new year 2016. All dresses're very glistening, however, the two of them that i choose to make one of my favorites are: #TheBlackDress & #ThePlumOne. Ah, the #plum... looks so caramely cascaded on ya. Damn, you almost got me blown... away! *Kidding*

    Anyways, Keep up the great work. You sound pretty "Trending" yourself. Have at it!Looking forward to reading your "giveaways"!

    1. haha thank you! It´s great to know that people are liking my Look Book, I will def do another one soon.
      Good luck with the giveaway! ;) x


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