Day Out: Camden Market.

On Saturday, my brother and I decided to visit Camden Market. We got there early so there wasn't many people at first and that was nice because we could have a wonder with out having to shuffle between people. 
I loved it. The clothes, the atmosphere... everything. 

 When we first got there it was a bit early and not all of the stalls/shops were open and we hadn't had much for breakfast, so we decided to have Saveloy sausage and chips. Not your usual breakfast but I was craving Saveloys seen as they don't sell them in Spain! 

Saveloys and Chips from Poppies Fish and Chips.

After that, a few more people started to arrive and it got a bit more lively so we decided to have a look around. Camden is huge so we must of gone in circles a few times, but I think we got to see most of it!

I really enjoyed spending the morning walking around Camden and seeing all the different things and people. I bought a coat too, I will do an OOTD with it soon! 
Have you guys been to Camden? What did you think of it? Any other parts of London you recommend? Let me know in the comments!