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 L'Oreal Paris Bambi Mascara review
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The other day, I was on Superdrugs website having a little look at what's new, when I came across the new L'Oreal Paris Bambi Mascara. I knew as soon as I spotted it that I was going to buy it, I was running out of my current mascara and I wanted to try something new. So what drew me to this one and is it any good? 

I'll be honest, I'm picky when it comes to mascara... You'll know that if you've read any of my previous mascara reviews. I can't stand heavy mascaras that make your lashes look like clumpy spider legs - Disgusting comparison, I know. This L'Oreal Bambi mascara is advertised to have a false lashes effect, which at first made me wonder if I would like it. I've tried false lashes and wasn't a fan. However, I've tried a few L'Oreal mascaras in the past and nearly always been impressed, especially with the Argan Oil one. 

"Short bristles at the centre of the mascara wand grip the lashes in an audacious curl whilst the long bristles elongate from root to tip for noticeably long, defined lashes" - L'Oreal

 L'Oreal  Bambi Mascara review

My first impressions of this mascara upon opening it were a bit disappointing. The want didn't look like anything special considering it was supposed to give your lashes an amazing false lash look. Then I tried it for work one day and my mind was changed. As soon as I applied to the first layer of the product I was amazed. The wand may not look like anything special but it did an excellent job at applying the mascara evenly on my lashes and creating an excellent natural-looking false lash look. Not only that, it's easily buildable. You can apply more layers to it to have a more dramatic look without clumping. 

 L'Oreal Paris Bambi Mascara review

That's great, but what's the wear like and does it last all day? I found with some mascaras that they can dry out on your lashes and become rather stiff, meaning after having it on for a few hours it's kind of uncomfortable. I didn't get that with this L'Oreal Bambi mascara, it sat beautifully on my lashes all day with no transfer at all. I will say, it is rather difficult to get off in the evenings... But that's a minor inconvenience that I'm more than willing to put up with for this product. 

So what are my final thoughts? I think I've found my new favourite mascara, I'll be sticking with this one until I'm all out. Would I buy it again? Definitely. I love how it opened up my eyes and gave beautiful fake lashes look that held throughout the day - Plus, it's budget-friendly! 


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