3 Ways I Style Blue Jeans

3 ways of styling blue jeans

I don't think I've owned many pairs of blue jeans, maybe when I was a teen but as I grew up I went for black ones all the time. I found them easier to style because well, black goes with everything really. However, ever since I got these blue jeans from Sainsburys, I couldn't imagine not having them as a part of my wardrobe. Blue jeans are pretty much perfect for any occasion, don't you think? Unless you need to dress up super fancy that is. So how exactly do I style my blue jeans and make the most out of them?

A Detailed Blazer

I bought this corset detailed blazer from Very a while ago and I absolutely love it. I find that it's the perfect combination for a more professional look but with my style mixed in. Underneath it, I'm wearing my lace trim cami from ASOS tucked in, to give it even more of an alternative look.

By pairing my blue jeans with a blazer, I've created a laid back professional look perfect for those "smart casual" events when no one actually knows what smart casual means. At least I don't anyway, so I spend the lead up to the event panicking and asking everyone else what they're wearing - Next time I'll just wear this combination cause I felt great in it. 

The Band Tee & Leather Jacket 

Band Tee's and my leather jacket are kind of my go-to look, I'll be honest. I don't think you can really go wrong with this look. I bought this AC/DC Tee from Grind Store this time last year, so they don't have it in stock anymore. However, Primark has a white AC/DC in at the moment (That I've already bought) and it's only £5 which is half the price of what I paid for this one. 

My (Fake) leather jacket is my go-to jacket, I try and wear it for as long as I can until I start to roast or, in winter, I start to freeze. I got it from Tesco a couple of years ago and it's still going strong, I'm impressed. I'm wearing heels here, but you could easily pair this look with some flat boots and it'd look just as good. 

A Cardigan

Grabbing my over-sized cardigan on days that I want to look nice but be comfortable has become a hard-to-break habit, I'll be honest. Not necessarily a bad habit though, as I think it really finishes the outfit. I've spoken about styling an over-sized cardigan before, but I couldn't help but include it in this post too. 

I paired it with my Zombie top, that has a lovely detailed back. I think I got it from Grind Store too, but I can't remember... Sorry. 

So there are my three ways of styling blue jeans, at least the three ways I use the most anyway. I'd love to hear any other styling tips if you have any, so let me know in the comments if you do. I only have one pair of blue jeans, as I find it pretty difficult to find nice jeans that actually fit me properly. I often find that they're a good fit on my legs and then too big round my waist - Which is extremly annoying. So if you know of any good places to buy nice jeans, let me know in the comments. 


  1. love how you styled the jeans! my favorite place to get jeans is fashion nova, they have so many styles and they are comfortable too.


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