A Healthy Mix Foundation Perfect For Spring

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation review

I love makeup and I love that when I wear it, it makes me feel good. So when it comes to foundation, I like to try out ones that my skin will benefit from while I use them. With Spring coming up, I wanted one that would make my skin look radiant and healthy and the Bourjois Healthy Mix anti-fatigue foundation does exactly that.

I don't wear foundation often these days, but when I do I want it to make me feel good. I found in the past that using a foundation that was maybe a bit too heavy always made me feel a bit self-conscious. I worried that instead of making my skin look a bit healthier, they just highlighted my imperfections even more due to how they sat on my skin.

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation try on

The Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is made to make your skin look healthy, but it also contains a blend of vitamin C that gives an anti-fatigue effect, vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant and vitamin B5 that tonifies your skin - It also contains hyaluronic acid derivative that provides all-day hydration. All of these ingredients are what made me want to try it out.

This is a lightweight and medium coverage foundation, which for me is ideal for Spring. I tend to go for heavier coverage in winter. I find that when I wear heavier foundations in the warmer months, between my oily skin and the heat, they leave my skin feeling horrible and I end up eager to get home and take it off.

When I first used this, I paired it with my Revolution Beauty Mattify primer as I thought I would need to because it's not a mattifying foundation. I then used a beauty blender to apply it and that's when it when horribly wrong... It didn't go on nicely at all. All of my pores were highlighted and the foundation went patchy, I thought that was the end of that foundation until I gave it another go.

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation review

This time I paired it with my Revolution Beauty pore minimizing primer and applied it with a brush, which leads to much better results. The foundation went on much smoother and blended in nicely giving my skin a lovely radiant finish. I finished it off with a bit of powder on my t-zone and my L'Oreal setting spray and it held out all day. Not only that, but it didn't leave my skin feeling horrible throughout the day which is something I usually struggle with when I wear hydrating foundations thanks to my oily skin.

The Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is definitely one I'll be reaching for a lot this Spring as I find it gives me the natural looking glow I want for the season. The only bad thing about this foundation is that it doesn't have SPF in, which is a shame but I've been making sure that the moisturiser I use before it does have SPF in - it's a must.