Is This Skin Improving Powder Foundation Actually Worth It?

L'Oreal True Match mineral foundation review

Using foundation less, means when I actually decide to use it I'd much rather go for something a bit lighter and that may benefit my skin in the process. So when I saw this  L'Oreal True Match Minerals foundation, I couldn't help but buy it. A powder foundation?? Now, this I have to see. 

I've never used a powder foundation before, I didn't even know they were a thing if I'm honest. This True Match Minerals foundation is supposed to have the same coverage as a liquid foundation but without clogging pores and it is also made with 95% pure minerals for an improved complexion and healthier skin in just four weeks. 

L'Oreal mineral foundation review

I have to say, I didn't use this for four weeks to find out if it actually helps your skin, so I can't really comment on that - You may be wondering why I haven't, well let me tell you. 

I did a first impressions video using this on my YouTube, which you can check out here. I wanted to share my reaction to it with you and also show the coverage it has. Now, I'll admit, I was impressed by the coverage that just the powder was able to give. However, I wouldn't say it's as good as coverage as a liquid foundation and it took lots of it to actually achieve it. 

After filming my first impressions, it was time to test it out in everyday life. It had a reasonable amount of coverage, but would it stick around for long? The short answer is no. It didn't. I wore it to work, hoping that I had found my new favourite foundation that would not only even out my skin and hide a few blemishes, but it would also be doing good for it at the same time. 

However, by lunchtime, the powder had turned into horrible patches on my skin. It wasn't that it was no longer there, it's that it was there but in clumps that just made my skin look horrible and even oilier than what it actually is. I tried fixing it but had no luck. I was so disappointed by it. 

L'Oreal mineral foundation review
L'Oreal true match mineral foundation

Using it as a foundation was not a great idea, even if that's what it's supposed to be for. So I thought I'd give it a go as just powder on top of my foundation. It seemed to sit much better on my foundation, rather than as a foundation, giving my makeup a lovely matte finish. 

Personally, this L'Oreal True Match Minerals foundation isn't a product I would recommend at all. It's supposed to be a minerals foundation that gives you good coverage all on its own, but it doesn't. It's also not a very big pot at all, especially not for £15 - It seems rather overpriced for what it is. I'll be using it as a powder, just because I have it... But I wouldn't go out and buy it again.