Am I good enough? Yeah, I am.

I don't know about you, but I am constantly dreaming about where I would rather be in life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what I have, while I have it. But I also think a lot about where I would rather be. A full time blogger maybe? A writer? I've always loved writing, I can't remember not writing. However, along with all those thought I find myself talking myself down.

I will tell myself I'm not good enough, who would want to read my writing? I tell myself I don't know enough, who would want to take makeup advice from me? I tell myself that I need to wait, to learn more and then I can go in the direction I want. But why? When I started blogging, I knew absolutely nothing about running a blog, I didn't know what SEO meant or how important it was. But I have learnt, every day I learn something new and I learn it by doing it. So why do I keep waiting and putting off the things I want to do?

I always believed that these people that are so successful at what they do, are like that because they know everything. They're pros, people listen to them because they have spent years learning the about the subject and have some kind of degree on the topic. Although this is true for a lot of people, it's not true for everyone. The internet has opened so many doors for people, especially people that weren't able to go and get themselves a degree like me.

I do a lot of reading, I like to learn about the things I'm interested in. Lately I've been reading a lot of business and blogging books, ones that motivate you and teach you new and different ways. They help point you in the right direction. Do you know what else I've learnt from these books? That most people actually have no idea what they are doing, they're winging it just like me. They're learning as they go, each day something new comes their way and they learn how to handle it. They share their tips and advice from the experiences they've had, not always from what they learnt at uni. So why do I keep putting myself down?

Yeah, okay, I'm not the best writer in the world and I haven't read a load of classics. But I enjoy writing, I love writing. It's like drifting away to a different world, one that I get to decide how it goes. I keep telling myself I need to sign up to some kind of course, one where I'll learn how to write. But why? My writing has improved massively over the years, all because I kept writing.

Now I find myself waiting, I am waiting to feel like I am good enough to go out and apply to the job I really want. I am waiting for my writing to be amazing so I can finish writing my book. Waiting, waiting, waiting, for what? To feel like I am good enough. How stupid of me to waste my time waiting to be good enough, for who? Who gets to decide who is good enough? We do. I am deciding that I am good enough.