Blogmas Day 7 || Having an Opinion Online

Every day I open up Twitter, something new is happening in the world or in the blogging community. There's always something to talk about. However, I rarely speak my opinion on things online because I'm always worried I'm going to get crucified for it. Witch hunts seem to be a common thing now and I always try my best to avoid them as I don't really ever want to upset anyone. However lately I feel like I've almost silenced myself out of fear and I want to change that.

Like I said before, there's always something going on in the world for us to talk about and share our thoughts on. Whether it be if the Instagram lies have gone too far or how we feel about a certain trending topic, but I rarely ever speak up on any of these things online. I do talk about them, privately with my friends where I feel safe and where I can see different views on the topic without being immediately attacked for not thinking the same thing as them straight away.

I love those kinds of conversations and they're usually so educational and help me see so many things that I hadn't noticed before. I think being able to talk in a civilised manner about things is very important as it encourages you to do so more, rather than remaining silent and ignorant on the matter. I'm not saying everyone should debate and learn every topic going, but if it's something that you genuinely want to talk about and learn about, then I think we should feel like we can do so without the fear of being attacked for it.

I see it a lot on Twitter. Someone tweets something harmless and someone else takes it completely out of context and before you know it we're looking at drama and indirect tweets for the next two days. When did we stop being able to talk about things nicely without resulting to insults and petty comments?

Sometimes I'll see a tweet about something and I'll want to reply with my perspective on the matter and have a conversation with them about it, but I end up scrolling past and ignoring it because I worry that it may end in an argument.

Every time I write a post or a tweet, I check it ten times to make sure there's no way it could be taken out of context and upset anyone. I mean, do any of you remember when Issy did a post about how she doesn't really like periods and then 90% of the blogging community took offence and spent days going at her? Surely we're allowed to dislike something that our body does? I mean, I don't like shitting. Is that offensive?