Blogmas Day 5 || Soap & Glory This Christmas*

Soap & Glory is one of those brands that always nail it, especially at Christmas when they release all their amazing gift sets. This year is no different, they have some amazing gifts to chose from that are perfect for pretty much everyone. Whether it be makeup, bath products or a bit of skincare, who doesn't love a good pamper evening anyway? So let's dive right in and check out what they have in store for this Christmas.

Let's start with their body lotion and shower gift sets, as I feel they are the most versatile. Everyone uses shower gel and everyone should also use a good body moisturizer after. I try to but usually forget. These gift sets are the perfect "I have a present for them already but I feel like I need a little something extra" kind of gift, ya feel me? Plus the cheaper gift sets make great secret Santa gifts because let's be honest, secret Santa at work is difficult when you don't even know what Susan from HR likes.

My favourite gift from this would have to be the "Glammed Total" gift set because it also comes with a bag that would be perfect for all my products to be hidden away in. So even if they're not a fan of Soap & Glory's products (weirdo's) they still have a bag perfect to use for other things.

We all have someone in our life that is constantly stressed and needs to take a day for themselves or even someone that loves pampering themselves all the time. That's where these Soap & Glory gift sets fit perfectly. I am the kind of person that gets very stressed, very fast and easy so this kind of gift would be ideal for me (hi mum). "The Pinkcredibles" and "The Zest of Times" sets are great if you want to give them the full package as they come with so many different products.

I have two favourite products from this selection. The "Lets Get Fizz-a-Ball" bath bomb, as I was so kindly gifted them by Soap & Glory which means I've tried them and loved them. I also love the look of  "The Mask Force Five" because I've never tried their facemasks but they sound amazing. So getting five in one go sounds like heaven.

Last but definitely not least we have Soap & Glory's makeup gift sets. A lot of these gift sets would make perfect stocking fillers, you could even hang the "Merry Kiss-Much" one on the tree! As long as you don't have any playful cats, we're lucky that Chloe just sleeps and eats so we've never had a problem with her. Although we used to have a cat called Boots that thought climbing the tree to get the decorations down was a great idea, it was not.

Anyway, back to Soap & Glory, my favourite gift set out of these would have to be the "She's A Glamour Purse" not only because they also sent me it to try and I loved it, especially my trusty "Supercat" eyeliner, but also because it comes with a makeup bag. So even once you've used the products up, you can still make the most of the bag.

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*Items in this post were gifted to me but all words and opinions here are my own.