Halloween Decor Wish List

If you're anything like me, you'll love this time of year. Especially Halloween. My friends know that as soon as September comes round, it's Autumn for me and by that time I'm already browsing Halloween stuff. Always browsing and wishing, hoping one day I'll be able to buy everything and go really OTT. So I thought I'd share with you guys some of the things I've seen and loved, just in case you are planning on going all out.

One of the best places to go for Halloween stuff has to be Tkamxx, right? I love the stuff they put out every year and you could probably get away with having it out all year round, I'm sure going to try.

1. Clear Skull Patterned Jar - £7.99
2. Three Tier Pumpkin Ornament - £19.99
3. Black Witch Cushion - £12.99
4. Two Pack Orange Printed Kitchen Towels - £4.99
5. Two Pack Pumpkin Tea Towels - £5.99
6. Ten Piece Pumpkin String Light Garland -£12.99
7. Two Pack Poison & Ghouls Stemless Wine Glasses - £4.99
8. Purple Magic Book - £5.99
9. White Stacked Light Up Skulls - £14.99
10. Black Ghost Snow Globe - £12.99
11. Cream Witch Candy Bowl - £6.99

I plan on getting the jar to store all my wax melts in, my collection is growing and I'm going to need somewhere to store them. My favourite thing about these decorations is that they're mostly ceramic so if you just want to add a little seasonal touch to your home without going a bit OTT then Tkmaxx is the place to go.

Ahh b&m, the budget-friendly place to go for everything. It's my go-to place for homeware when I'm on a budget, which is most of the time. 

1. Halloween LED Candle Lantern - £5.99 
2. Halloween Mini Candle Jars - £1 Each. 
3. Hanging Hollowed Out Girl - £6.99 Each 
4. Orange Halloween Curtain Lights - £3.99
5. Animated Light Up Ghost - Black Bride - £16.99
6. Cauldron Mister - £16.99

They have a lot of Halloween stuff to pick from, especially party stuff. Their Halloween decorations are a bit tacky and OTT than Tkmaxx, but I personally love them. I feel like the candles are a must-have, for only £1 each you can't go wrong. 

I'm not going to lie, I don't think I've ever shopped at The Range. Mainly because I wasn't even aware that it existed. However, I drove past it the other day and had a look on their website out of curiosity... I'm glad I did because I'm now eager to get down there and blow my money on home decor. 

1. Illuminating Sonic Magic Orb Ball Decoration - £9.99
2. Chained Shaking Coffin Decoration - £44.99
3. Handcuffed Reaper Decoration - £16.99
4. Animated Hanging Haunted Horror Girl - £12.99
5. Pumpkin Tea Light Holder - £1
6. Pumpkin with Hat Tealight Holder - £2.09
7. Skull Strobe Light - £4.29
8. Standing Halloween Witch Waitress - £42.99

I already have the pumpkin tea light holder but I think I got it from Poundland or b&m last year (Can't remember which one). It sits on my desk full of sweets all year round, keeping that little bit of Halloween going throughout the year.  The witch waitress is AMAZING, imagine having that standing up in the corner of your front room holding some sweets! 

So there you have it, everything I really want to go out and buy for Halloween but can't afford to. If you know of any more shops that are good for Halloween decorations, let me know in the comments.