Pick n Post, The Monthly Subscription Package For Your Home

Items in this post were gifted to me.

When it comes to monthly subscription packages, I've never been very experimental. Maybe I should? So far I've really only tried beauty ones and as good as they were... They got a bit repetitive and I just ended up with a load of products I never used. So when Pick n Melt offered to sign me up to their Pick n Melt subscription packages*, I was intrigued. A monthly delivery of wax melts? Yes, please.

With Autumn creeping up on us, it's the perfect time to light a candle and burn some wax. I personally love getting home in the evenings and lighting a lovely, cosy scented wax melt. It just relaxes me instantly. Although I will say, their "Fresh Linen" one is one of my favourites due to its fresh smell. It's perfect for when you've just tidied up and you want your home to smell like you've spent all morning doing the washing.

So how does it work?

Pick and Melt offer two different types of subscription boxes. One for those who want to select their scents and one for those who want to be surprised. I get to pick mine, which I'm happy about because I'm rather picky when it comes to scents.

The "Pick n Melt" package, which I receive, comes with 12 wax melts that you get to select from over 300 scents for £10 a month.

As for the "Party Package", this also comes with 12 wax melts but they chose the scents for you for £8. With a guaranteed no repeat for a year.

Are they worth it?


I was previously a big fan of the Yankee Candle wax melts, however, I always found that they were a bit too expensive for me to be out buying them all the time. When I discovered Pick n Melt, they quickly replaced my love for Yankee Candle thanks to their good prices and great quality.

I'm usually able to get two evenings of burn out of each wax melt, although the second evening usually isn't as strong. Although I must admit, Yankee Candles "Spiced Orange" will always be my favourite scent ever.

If you haven't tried them out yet, then what are you waiting for? They offer a wide range of scents, perfect for everyone and at such a good price. Get your home smelling like heaven.


*Items in this post were gifted to me but all words and opinions here are my own.