L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Masque

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology

As much as I love my hair, I do wish it was slightly thicker and had a bit more life to it. It tends to just do its own thing, and I've kind of given up trying to get it to look nice everyday. When I actually put effort into it I tend to use the Envy Professional products, but for everyday I just let it look lifeless. That was until I saw this hair thickening masque in Boots the other day.

L'Oreal Hair thickening masque

I picked it up because it was in the reduced section, cause I'm cheap like that, and because the thought of a product being able to make my hair a bit thicker was really appealing. I should really spend a bit more time on pampering my hair, maybe then it wouldn't hate me. 

This L'Oreal Elvive Thickening Masque* is an intense, texturising masque that protects and nourishes your hair, whilst thickening and moisturising it without weighing it down. Sounds good eh? 

I didn't have high hopes for it in terms of making my hair look all lovely and bouncy, but I| did have high hopes for it in terms of moisturising and softening my hair. My hair was looking a bit damaged, so a bit of TLC was much needed. 

On the pot it says to use after their Fibrology shampoo, and to leave on for 2-3 minutes. I didn't do this because I'm a rebel without a cause lol jokes. The first time I used it, I applied it to dry hair. I couldn't be bothered to wash my hair before using it, and again after. I didn't think it'd have the same effect but, to my surprise, it did. My hair felt so bouncy and soft once I'd washed it off, I spent the next day flicking it around feeling like a princess. 
Side note though, don't put it on your roots like I did because it will give you dandruff. I know this is a pretty obvious observation, but hey... we live and we learn.