A Bold Lipstick For £3

If you know me, you'll know I love a good bold lipstick and you'll also know that I'm not one to splash out on expensive makeup. I'm all about budget brands, and one of my favorite budget brands is Makeup Revolution. I love their palettes, so when I spotted these lipsticks for only £3, I had to give them a go.

I picked these two shades because I'm a big fan of red lips, I should actually try stepping out of my comfort zone sometime because most of my lipsticks are red. Adventurous eh?

Now I know that for £3, I can't expect the same quality as a Kat Von D lipstick... But I have to say, I was pretty happy with these lovely creamy lipsticks aside from a few minor things. Although, them being creamy is great when it comes to applying them, it's not so great when it needs to stay in place. I have the habit of forgetting that I'm wearing lipstick sometimes, that's until I look at my hand and have a lovely shade of red smudged across it.

Not only does it smudge easily, but I find that it also tends to bleed a bit. It doesn't end up making you look like the joker, but if you want a lipstick to sit perfectly all day... This is not the one for you.

I wouldn't say this lipstick has a matte finish to it, more of a creamy and slightly sticking one. Which isn't the best, as it makes me feel like I need to lick my lips because they keep sticking together slightly.

For £3 it's an alright lipstick that I'd definitely buy again. The lovely bold colors are just what I look for in a lipstick, I just need to be more careful are remind myself that I'm wearing lipstick. Having to top it up half way through the day is a sacrifice I'm willing to make for a budget lipstick, not for a more expensive one.