3 Simple Changes To Help You Love Everyday

Now I know when Monday comes around we all have that feeling of dread because it means the start of a new work week, which means early mornings and long days at work. Some people love their job, but still dread the thought of having to get out of their lovely warm beds before 9am.

I reached a point a while ago, where I realised that my weekdays dragged and I spent my whole week just waiting for the weekend to come round. Then it’d end faster than I could say “happy Friday” and I was back hating my life because it was Monday AGAIN. So out of my seven days, I only enjoyed two of them. What’s that about?

So I decided to take control and make changes in my life that would make me look forward to everyday of the week no matter what. Here are a few things I changed;

Find the positives. 

You may not like getting out of bed in the morning and then have to drag yourself to work, only to be half an hour late because you got stuck in traffic. I don’t blame you, but try not to frown about everything and try to see the good side of things.

Create a morning routine that will make you want to get out of bed, plan a breakfast that will get you up in the morning. Get stuck in traffic? Put your favourite hits on and sing your heart out, listen to a podcast and learn something new. The chances are, if you’re stuck in traffic, you’re not the only one that’s going to be late because other people will get stuck in it too. 

New week, new goals. 

I find that the start of a week is much like the start of a new year. It feels fresh, and like the perfect time to set myself some new goals. 

Set yourself weekly goals, this will give you something to look forward to and motivate you to get up and working on them each day. It’ll also empower you and motivate you even more once you achieve them. 

Don’t count down the days. 

I find that when I start the week thinking “I hate Mondays” or “I can’t believe it’s not Friday yet”, my week goes slower and I end up watching the clock. Time isn’t going to go faster just because I’m waiting. I may as well get up and focus on my work, so when the weekend does arrive, I can enjoy it. 

Don’t wish your life away, focus on the day you have ahead of you and what it may bring.