Nano || Intensive Whitening Kit*

A few weeks ago, Ideal World TV kindly offered to send me out a few of their products in their Bloggers Box to try. They also offered to send out something for someone in my life too, and for that I nominated Sam. I didn't know what they would send, so when it arrived it was a nice surprise. We were both sent The Nano Intensive Whitening Kit* to try out together, and we were looking forward to seeing if it was any good.

I googled it first, as I am always careful with what I use on my teeth because they're so sensitive. The reviews I found were positive, so we gave it a go.

The thing that we struggled with the most was the amount of time it took to use. You'd need to have at least two hours spare to get this done without rushing, which is a lot of time everyday. The kit includes 2x mouth trays, 28x whitening strips and 2x 5ml whitening gel syringes for £35, which considering the price of some whitening kits, isn't too bad. We were also sent their whitening toothpaste and toothbrush.

The three simple steps:

1. Give your teeth a good clean, preferably using the Nano whitening toothpaste.
2. Apply the whitening strips to your teeth, upper and lower, for 60 minutes.
3. Use the gel in the mouth trays for 35 minutes, straight after taking the strips off.

How it actually went:

1. We brushed our teeth, we are capable of that much, using the toothpaste and we were happy with the results. It left our teeth feeling clean and fresh.
2. Sam struggled getting the first strip on, it folded and came off so he had to give it another go. I managed to get them on okay, but they are really sticky so you're probably going to get them stuck to your fingers if you're not careful.
3. We didn't even get this far.

It sounds like a pretty simple task to complete but, although there's only three simple steps, we were unable to complete them all. After sitting with the strips on our teeth for an hour, with the most disgusting taste in our mouth, we were eager to peel them off and reveal our pearly whites... That's not what happened at all. The strips were so strongly stuck to our teeth, that it actually hurt to pull them off. Once we'd managed to get them off our teeth felt so sensitive that we couldn't bring ourselves to do the next step.

As for the shade? It did brighten our teeth a bit, but it also made them rather patchy. Maybe once you do the final step it evens the color out, I don't know.

Would we buy this? No. Why? Cause we both have really sensitive teeth and very little patience. Would we recommend it? If you have a strong set of teeth and nearly two hours to spare everyday, go for it.

Have you tried any whitening kits? Any you'd recommend? Let me know in the comments. 

*Although items in this post were sent to me to review, all words and opinions here are my own.