Malee Conditioning Body Scrub*

Malée is an online cosmetics company that prides itself on producing products with natural oils and vitamins, and it's cruelty-free. What more could you want? A decent product, right? So when they offered to send me one of their products to try, I was eager to find out if it was any good.

Malée Conditioning Body Scrub
"Polish your look with natural African exfoliants"

I know, I know... £36 for a body scrub, really? I was shocked at first but after receiving it and trying it, I'm not as shocked. This pot of conditioning body scrub is massive, so for £36 you're getting 250ML of body scrub that will probably last you months as you don't really need a large amount to get the desired results.

This conditioning body scrub is said to smooth, invigorate and nourish your skin. I was a bit skeptical at first, as the body scrub I'd used before was good but also rather aggressive on my skin, leaving it slightly red after each use. I didn't find that with this one, once I applied it to my skin it became a lovely exfoliating kind of soapy body scrub with an amazing fresh scent. As I was using it I was thinking that I'd be a great product to use in the morning to wake up feeling fresh due to it's scent.
Another good thing is that, although it conditioned my skin and left it feeling lovely and soft, it didn't leave it feeling slightly sticky which is also an issue I had with the last one I used. It washed off lovely, leaving my skin feeling refresh and soft just like it's supposed to.

Malée seemed to have burst onto the scene with their vegan friendly products and I'd definitely recommend you keep and eye on them and read their journey, as it's one to be admired. Have you tried any of their products before? Which ones?

*Although products in this post were sent to me to review, all words and opinions here are my own.