Baby Lips Color Balm Crayon || Maybelline

I'm a big fan of Maybelline's' Baby Lips Dr Rescue line, it's my go to when I have very dry lips. So when I saw that they have color balm crayons in the Baby Lips range too I couldn't help but add them to my basket. Unlike the Dr Rescue line, these color balms are more like a lipstick and add a stronger color to your lips instead of just a hint whilst also moisturizing your lips... apparently. So where they actually worth it?

I love a good lipstick, it's my favorite part of doing my makeup. I feel like my makeup isn't finished if I don't wear any, it's an essential. I went through a stage of absolutely loving matte lipsticks, nearly everyone I bought was matte. This worked out well for me because I'd wear Vaseline on my lips at night, meaning the matte lipstick wouldn't dry out my lips. Lately I've been forgetting to put Vaseline on meaning a lot of my matte lipsticks just crumble off throughout the day. So when I saw these I thought they'd be perfect for the days my lips are feeling extra dry.

I picked up two, one more bold and the other a nude for a more of a casual look.

Unfortunately I was slightly let down by them, which was a surprise to me. I had such a good experience with the Dr Rescue one that I expected these to be just as good. Now don't get me wrong, they do the moisturizing part. It's the actual staying on my lips they seemed to suck at. Before I had even got to work I'd somehow managed to get red lipstick on my hand, I just wiped it off and assumed I'd accidentally stuck my hand in it or something.

Halfway through the morning I checked up on my lipstick and it's somehow managed up across my face, my lips also looked rather patchy and lacking of lipstick. I'm not sure how I'd managed to get lipstick up my face, but I wasn't happy about it. A lipstick can be a great moisturizer but if it doesn't stay in place then what's the point?

I can't see me using these very often unfortunately, I'm just going to stick with the Dr. Rescue one for now but I'm definitely on the lookout for more to try out so if you know of any you'd recommend, please let me know. Have you tried these ones? If so, what did you think?