New & Improved Skin Care Routine

I've been planning to write this post for the past couple of weeks and ironically as I am writing about my improved skin, it has decided to have a little break out. To be fair I've ate a lot of crap in the past week so it doesn't surprise me at all, I should keep that in mind when I have fast food three days in a row.
Anyway, back to my skin looking better. A couple of months ago I changed my skin care routine to something a little less aggressive. I was using an everyday exfoliator, which at first was working just fine but then my skin rebelled against it and went really dry. So I had a look around (On the internet because I don't like interacting with other humans) and I found Skin Doctors pH balancing cleanser.

"With avocado extract and alpha hydroxy acid"

"Gently cleans and exfoliates, primes and maintains pH balanced skin"

This cleanser balances out the acidity and alkalinity in your skin keeping it young and healthy by keeping in lipids and moisture, while blocking pollution, toxins and bacteria. 

I don't usually finish off a facial cleanser but I'm already on my second tube with this one, I absolutely love it. I find that my skin is more balanced out and not as oily. 

I've also switched to a new moisturizer just to try something new, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. My Mum came home with a few creams that she'd managed to pick up from the reduced section. She kindly gave one to me to try out , (I convinced her she had too many) which was the Olay Regenerist 3 point day cream moisturizer

I figured I'm getting old so it's time to start using some anti-ageing cream. Joke, I just wanted to give it a try mainly because it's non-greasy and has SPF30 for my corpse skin to be protected from that evil burning ball of fire that sometimes comes out to play. 

This day cream is anti-ageing, lightweight, non-greasy and leaves your skin brighter, hydrated and protected from the sun. 

My skin has been looking so much better lately that I'm feeling much more confident and I have stopped using foundation everyday. I now feel it's unnecessary. My skin is far from perfect, but it's completely normal and natural for skin to have imperfections, so I'm learning to embrace it and I'm loving the amount of time and effort it's saving me. I'll talk more about that in another post.