Keeping Warm In Style*

(Coat in photo from Camden market)
Now I know it’s supposed to be warming up and summer is getting closer and all of that, but it’s not. I’m still grabbing my coat on my way out in the morning, and this morning I even came out to find a lovely layer of ice on my car. Although I am a fan of leather jackets, they don’t really keep you warm and are pretty useless in the rain. I find that the perfect alternative to my leather jacket is my new coat from Very, which took me ages to actually find because I am so picky. So when I was recently contacted about featuring Jack Wills' trench coats*. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share their stylish line of women's trench coats with you guys.
Personally, I am more of a fan of the longer coats as they go better with dresses and still look great with a pair of jeans, you can match them with anything really. However, Jack Wills offer some lovely shorter trench coats for those of you who prefer the shorter ones, which I find go better with trousers or jeans and are not so good with skirts or dresses. Out of their selection, my favourite one has to be the Duncome Trench Coat which is similar to the Very coat I bought a few weeks ago. I remember my sister had something similar and I always used to try and steal it off of her but never got away with it. The thing I love most about these coats is that they keep you warm and still give your body a bit of shape with their belt, unlike other coats I’ve had that just make me look shapeless. These trench coats provide the style you need for work and also for a nice outing.

Out of the shorter ones, I’d have to pick the Hatershaw CroppedTrench Coat because it also comes with a belt because, I’m a fan of belts on coats. I think that this coat could be worn as a bit more of a casual coat than the longer ones, but that all depends on your personal style I guess.


*This is a sponsored post but all views here are my own.