It's nice to know that when you're having a crappy time you have someone that will be up for spending time with you to get your mind off things, and that's exactly what Issy did for me a few weeks ago. The plan was to wonder down the Embankment in Bedford and get some outfit photos because that's what blogger friends are for, right? But as soon as we got there we both decided we were hungry, so we rushed the photos, argued with some evil creatures of the water world (ducks and swans) , and then went into the town center for food.

(look at him giving me the evils)

Going into the town center also meant going into shops. I mean, you can't go into town and not shop... it's just not possible. Although I am trying to spend less, I did buy a few things from The Works and Primark (That's it I think). I can't help it, I love The Works and I love Primark, if you can go into either of these shops and not buy anything then you have some kind of super power, honestly. Issy was supposed to stop me from spending but ended up helping me decided which really unnecessary notebook I should get.

(Friendly old woman waving for my photo)

After a wonder round the shops we went and grabbed some food at a little corner café type place in the shopping center. It wasn't very busy but the food was really nice. We chatted about life and had a serious conversation which is something we don't do often, so when we do it's refreshing and always ends with some kind of joke just to lighten the mood again, can't be too serious.

It was nice to get out and get my mind off things, I spent money that I don't have and posed in a t-shirt even though it was really cold because it's all about that blog life innit?


The t-shirt and skirt are from Primark, I can't remember how much they cost but the skirt was a bargain. The belt and boots are from Boohoo, absolutely love Boohoo but I have to stop buying clothes because I'm running out of space to keep them and my room is just getting out of hand.