My hair is naturally straight, which is nice most of the time because that means all I have to do is run a brush through my hair and I'm ready to go kind of. I try not to put too much heat on my hair as it is rather fine and delicate, but every now and then I want to curl my hair.
Having tried heated curlers before, I decided to buy some of my own and see how I got on. I went for some cheaper ones, as I don't think I'd use them enough to justify spending that much money on them. These TRESemme ones cost £20 on Very, which I thought was a great price. They are in a little bag making them easy to pack away and travel with them.

They are really easy to put in your hair and come with little clips to hold them in. Just roll them up and leave them in until they cool down, so easy. I usually put them in before I do my makeup so that it saves me time and they can cool down whilst I do my makeup. I was really happy with the results, it gave my hair volume and some lovely curls. They weren't too dramatic either, kind of wavy.

What do you think to heated rollers? Let me know in the comments.