I can't believe I've seen Issy three times in under a month, it's the most we've ever seen each other I think. That has absolutely nothing to do with my outfit except for the fact that she took the photos for me, but I just can't believe we've been so "outgoing" lately. Very unlike us.

Anyway, back to the outfit. I don't really know what to say about it, if you're a regular reader then you've probably already guessed where I bought it from and if not, I bought it from Boohoo. It was most definitely an impulse buy, I saw it, tweeted it and the lovely people of Twitter convinced me to get it. I figured if I bought it, I could feature it on my blog and that kind of makes it an investment, right? Right.

This oversized tee comes with a corset belt type thing that goes round your waist giving the dress some shape. Although the belt is slightly annoying because it moves, it does look really cool.

I decided to wear my knee high boots (Also from Boohoo) with the dress, as it was cold and I'm always  looking for the opportunity to wear them because they are so comfy and warm.

This dress is so light and comfy, perfect for a warmer day. Not so much a cold day, I was freezing.

Boohoo Fliss Oversized Tee With Lace - £12