Yesterday morning, Issy and I decided to go stand in the woods and pose awkwardly in order to get some outfit photos because bloggers life and all. Needless to say we took loads but are happy with about two, but it was cold and neither of us are great at posing. I guess we'll never be models.

After wondering into the woods in heels and leather trousers, we decided to go into Ampthill to an antique shop that Issy visits often just to satisfy her inner hoarder. I've never been in an antiques shop before, not that I remember anyway. It's essentially three floors of old stuff all piled on top of each other and hanging from the ceilings, a very dangerous place for someone as clumsy as me. I kept my hands to myself, in front of me at all times and touched nothing. I did take a few photos though, I kind of wish I could of spent hours in there taking decent photos and not rushed ones whilst we wondered round.

 After wondering round the antique shop without breaking anything between the two of us, we decided to go to a little tea room that we had read about on Victoria's blog. It was just round the corner from the antique shop but hidden away, at least hidden enough for me and Issy to miss it on our way past. I'd like to add that they only take cash, so if you're planning on going make sure you take cash and maybe reserve a table as a lot of people had reserved a table, but not us.

It's a really sweet and cozy little tea room, with all sorts of foods for you to choose from. The staff were really friendly and helpful too, we are definitely planning on going back but next time we'll be booking a table. If you want to plan a visit, here is their website.

It was a great morning out, I hadn't seen Issy for a while because she's a terrible person (Yes, yes you are) but it was great to catch up and talk about life in general and also catch up on all the gossip as I seem to live under a massive rock and never know what's going on. Also means I have photos for an outfit post, so keep an eye out for that.

If you're ever in Ampthill make sure you visit the tea shop!


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