OOTD || Autumnal Skirt

A while ago I bought some brown boots from Primark even though I didn't really have much to match it with. So my logic was that I'd just have to buy some more clothes to go with them, right?
So for a while now I've been on the look out for a skirt that would go with the boots, sounds like an easy task right? Wrong. When it comes to skirts I am very picky, they have to be the right length. I can't wear skirts that are too short, I just don't feel comfortable in them and if I don't feel comfortable in something then I don't see the point of wearing it.

So buying skirts online can be a risk as you don't actually get to try it on. Usually I never bother buying skirts online unless I'm sure that they are the length I'm looking for, the same goes for dresses. I was  scrolling through Boohoo's skirts, seeing if they had anything that caught my eye and then I found this skirt.

The skirt cost on ten pounds and is a perfect skirt for autumn. It's got a mix of autumnal colors and isn't too short. I must admit that, as you can see, the middle bit at the top of the zip did keep forming a lump but it didn't bother me much, just had to keep straightening it out.

Get the look:

*Not the same item as pictured.