Busy Blogger

See the thing about blogging is that is not a lot of people appreciate the work and effort that goes into, not only each post, but maintaining the blog itself and keeping up with social media. Posts don't promote themselves y'know?

For each post you need a minimum of one photo. Not just any photo, but one that has amazing lighting, an amazing backdrop and focuses on the product. Sounds easy, but keep in mind that most bloggers blog from their bedrooms and not from an amazingly lighted office with lovely bright areas perfect for photo shoots. In fact, my first photos on my blog are terrible (as you can see below) but it's all I had at the time. Slowly, over the year, I have bought bits and pieces to improve my photos and finally - convinced my brother to invest - I treated myself to some soft boxes. That, may I add, are massive and don't fit in my room so I have to keep setting them up downstairs and store them under the stairs, much to my Mums disapproval. These soft boxes cost me my brother sixty pounds on Amazon. Compared to others, that isn't much but bare in mind that a lot of bloggers are students and don't have that amount of money to spend on perfecting their blog photos.

I usually set up my lights once every two weeks and take all my photos in bulk, this usually takes me two to three hours and that is if I'm getting the photos I want. Sometimes I'm not happy with any of them and have to start again. After taking all the photos, I then have to sit and edit them. The time I spend on this depends on each photo but I usually spend a good hour (min) editing the photos from that day. It has happened before that I get the photos on my computer and decide I'm not happy with them, so I have to take them all again. Also, how difficult is it to find photos for a post when it's just a chatty one?

When it comes to writing a post, I always feel that it is very difficult to write a post when you're not in the right mind set. You  have to want to write or else it just comes across boring and lacks personality. You can't write a post without adding your own touch to it, it's just not the same. A lot of blogs I read, I read them because I can see that persons amazing personality shinning through. You get what I mean? That's the great thing about blogs, they are so personal.

The step I always find difficult to do is proof reading. I can read a post ten times and see no typos and then my friend will read it and spot one, I just miss them every time. Don't you?

Well this post is turning out a long one... sorry guys. Anyway...

Then keeping up with your blog, well this is a never ending job. Am I right? Keeping up with social media? NEVER ENDING. Be active on social media and not just to promote your posts, it's not just about promoting your posts... It's about interacting with other bloggers and with your readers.

There is so much more to blogging than this but if you're reading this and you're a blogger, you already know the work that goes into a blog and if you're reading this and you're not a blogger and you still don't get it, then I am wasting my time explaining anymore.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my blog and I love spending all my spare time on it and all of it. It just gets to me when people assume that it's an easy thing to do. I'm sure all you bloggers have had this conversation with someone;

Someone: "Did you get sent that for free?"
Me: "Yeah, it's for my blog"
Someone: "Oh cool, I'm going to start blogging too so I get sent free stuff"

Yeah cause that's exactly how it works. You create a blogger account and BAM you have free shit turning up on your door step *intense eye roll*.