The Art Of Communication

So after recently doing a short training session on customer service, I've decided that I am now an expert in communication and I want to share my wisdom with you guys.

Just kidding.

No but honestly, I do communicate a lot through text. I have done for years, it's just always been easier for me. My friends, they were all online friends so we always messaged each other and nowadays, with dating apps to help you, you don't really need to learn how to hold yourself together when you approach some one you like. Because it's just not as bed when you get rejected via Bumble, you just unmatch and move on. But in real life, it stings but that's not what I was getting at with this post.
What I'm getting at with this post is that texting is a dangerous way to communicate. I find that when my main way of communicating with someone is via text, I often worry about what each texts means, why haven't they replied, did that come across wrong, will they get what I mean..? Among loads of other thoughts. the longer someone takes to reply, the more paranoid my thoughts get and that's not healthy. Plus, the conversation becomes longer than what it needs to be and doesn't actually satisfy my need to talk to that person. For example, a conversation about one topic could last two/three days and just becomes stressful, when it would be much easier to pick up the phone, Skype or even meet up for a coffee. Texting someone leaves a lot to our imagination. If you are texting someone and they take so long to reply but when you are with them they constantly have their phone in their hands, it makes you question your friendship.
Now this is going to sound mean, but it's a perfect example. My sister lives in a different country to me, so I don't see her that often but if we text each other we end up arguing or I get frustrated because she never answers my messages. So I don't bother texting her anymore, I will only call her and have a proper conversation. One where I can hear the tone in her voice and know what she means when she says them without either of us taking it out of context. Since we've been only calling and not texting, things are much better.

So, personally I prefer a call every now and then, then getting texts from someone all the time.

What do you think?


  1. Completely agree with you! Texting is just asking for trouble in my opinion, you can't read tone and things get lost in translation. And you're right, it doesn't really satisfy the need to talk to someone. I much prefer a face to face chat!

    Beth x

    1. Exactly! I'm all for calling people instead of texting. x


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