Cleaning The Brushes

It's great to have loads of different makeup brushes, one for each step of the process or two or three! But they need to be kept clean, and that is a pain. I find it a pain to do start, but once I get started I'm okay with it. So I thought I'd share my brush cleansing routine with you guys and hopefully you guys can share yours in the comments and we can swap tips and stuff, sound cool? 

I have two types ways of cleaning my brushes, one that I do when I remember every weekend and one that I do when they need a deeper clean. 

I bought this Revolution Pro hygiene anti bacterial brush cleaner from Superdrug for £5, and I am really happy with it. It doesn't give the brushes a good clean but it does clean them up a bit and it is anti-bacterial. Keeping your brushes free from bacteria should be a priority, so when you go for a cleanser always check to make sure it is anti-bacterial. This one is so easy to use, I just spray some on to a cotton wool pad and brush my brush round it circles until it comes off clean. It doesn't take long at all, making it the perfect cleanser for every weekend. 

My second cleansing processes requires a bit more effort but is to be done when your brushes need a deeper clean. I read somewhere that the best shampoo for makeup brushes is a baby shampoo because it's softer. So I picked up some Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo also from Superdrug for £1.09. To go along with it I purchased a makeup cleanser scrubber board from Amazon for £0.35. The scrubber board thingy really does help clean the brushes, I find that they clean better with that than using just my hands. The worst thing for me about washing them like this is that they take ages to dry. If I was organized, I could wash half and then the other half so I don't run out of brushes... but I'm not and that would be merely a fantasy. They do feel REALLY soft when I use this shampoo though, I have to say. 

I haven't tried any other brush shampoos but I would love to know if there are any you'd recommend. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips or if you done a post on it, be sure to leave a link.