Pressure of Perfection

When I was little, I kinda did my own thing. I had my small group of friends and we had so much fun hanging out, I enjoyed going to school and being myself. It wasn't until I moved to Spain and became the outsider that I started to worry about what people thought of me. When I moved to Spain, I did't really fit in with anyone and I often got picked on for my looks. I didn't really have many friends and the few that I thought were my friends weren't. I did eventually meet friends that accepted me and we are still great friends now. Being picked on and singled out made me rather self-consious and aware of everything I did. You don't just grow up and forget that you were always the odd one out in school, for me it is something that I still feel. I never feel like I fit any where, that I'm good enough for anything. 

We are under this constant pressure to be perfect, to know what we want from life and how to get there. Even in the blogging world I feel that there is a constant pressure to be perfect, to know what to say and how to say it or else you get shit for it. To take perfect photos, with the perfect back drop and write up these amazing posts. It gets to me, a lot. 

Having two languages spinning around in my head all the time means I often mess up either of them, I say words wrong and usually pronounce words wrong (in English) but what I need to keep telling myself is that it is okay, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm much better at expressing myself via writing. 

Our looks, we are made to believe that our bodies need to be perfect, our hair should sit perfectly all the time and our make up should look "on fleek" lemme just say that this is bullshit. My hair always looks a mess, it does it's own thing and I have grown to accept that. My makeup looks great for about an hour, then my oily skin steps in and makes it shine. Also, unless I am willing to put 5 layers of foundation on, you can still see some of my imperfections and spots but I am okay with that now because I am now putting that amount of make up on my skin every day. My body is far from perfect, I have loads of things that I would love to change but I can't so I just have to accept them ,or work harder at the gym but I can't see that happening

Do you feel like there's a certain amount of pressure to be perfect or to fit in? 

Once we ignore that pressure, we will be able to grow so much more and be who we really are even if you do mess up. There's absolutely nothing wrong with messing up, it's how we learn.